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      Organize contents into Databases

      Thy Nguyen

      Updated on September 28th, 2023

      Table of Contents

      What is a database

      Databases are the third tier in the Gridly organizational structure. Databases sit within Projects, and a database can contain one or many Grids.

      Each database serves as a container, helping you organize your data into different categories for different purposes. In the screenshot below, there are two databases in project "Gridly Tutorial": database Localization which is used to manage localizing, and database Manage for management. 


      Add a new database

      To add a new database, click on the + Add Database icon in the top right of the project area.


      A new database will be inserted at the top of the project area. Enter a Database name and press Enter.


      To rename a Database, click the menu icon to the right of the Database name, and enter a new name in the grey box. 

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