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      Thy Nguyen

      Updated on September 28th, 2023

      Table of Contents

      View the members

      To access the member page:

      • Click the settings icon next to the conpany name and select Company Settings.
      • Open Members tab in the left pane of the Dashboard.


      The Members page displays your members' information, includes

      • Their username
      • Their company role
      • Their assigned translation languages
      • The Groups they are a member of
      • Their online status

      Click on the mceclip0.png to view the projects that the members can access and their project roles.

      Find and filter members

      • Use the filters at the top of the page to filter members by Role(s) and/or Status(es).


      • Click on the search bar at the top right of the page to quickly find a member.

      Edit a member's project role

      To edit a member’s project role for each project they have access to (based on the Groups  they are a member of):

      • Click mceclip0.png to expand a member's information.
      •  Assign a role in each projects for your member.


      Edit company role and translation languages

      To edit a member’s company role or translation languages, click mceclip1.png next to a name  and select Edit, then click Save to ensure changes are applied.


      Transfer ownership

      Assigning a member to be the Owner of the company can only be done by the current Owner. To transfer ownership: 

      • Access the Members tab under Company settings
      • Click mceclip1.png at the right side of the member name and select Transfer ownership.
      • Enter your user password to confirm changes. 



      Transferring ownership is one-way street. You cannot undo this action.


      Deactivate a member

      To deactivate a member, click mceclip1.png next to a name and select Deactivate member, and click Deactivate to confirm changes. If a member is deactivated:

      • Their data will still be accessible in the company settings.
      • They will no longer be able to access this company in Gridly.

      Delete a member


      You must deactivate before deleting a member. Deleting a member is an action that cannot be undone.


      To delete a member, click mceclip1.png next to a name and select Delete member. Click Delete to confirm deletion.

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