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      Inviting members and setting up the permissions

      Thy Nguyen

      Updated on November 7th, 2023

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      Gridly provides the power to fully customize your members' access and rights. You can invite members, set up their rights according to your needs.

      Add team members to Gridly

      • Click the Invite Member button.
      • Enter the email address, then press Tab, Space, or Enter to validate.
      • Once done, click Add.

      Set up the administrative roles and permissions in Grid

      Before sending out the invitations to your team members, you need to set up their administrative roles and permissions in Grids:

      • Administrative role: Whether your members are able to manage company settings, invite other members, etc (Role).
      • Permissions in Grids: Whether your members are able to view a specific Grid (Groups),  and have the proper rights to edit records in the Grid (Project role).

      Click Send invite when you're done with setting up all the roles and permissions. 

      Ask your team member to check the invitation email 

      Your invitation has been sent successfully. Your team members will receive the invitation email. Ask your members to click Join Now to start onboarding.

      Once your user accepted the invitation, you'll also receive a notification email indicating that the new user has joined the team on Gridly. 

      Example: Inviting a Translator (English - French) to Gridly

      In this example, we'll show you how to invite a Translator who translates from English to French in the Fastlane project. 

      After adding the email, you'll be asked to set the Role, User groups and Default project role.  

      Since he is a Translator, you don't want him to access the company settings, let's set him as User in the Role section.

      He's responsible to translate from English to French, so he should not be able to view and edit other language pairs in the project, let's set him as a Translator and assign the language pairs:

      As he only works on a project called Fastlane, let's add him to a Group where he can only access the Grids in Fastlane project, which is Translators group.

      You can change the access for Groups in the company settings. Learn how to set up Groups

      Since you want the translator to only work in the assigned languages in shared views, let's also make him a Translator as the default project role

      Then click Send invite

      When the Translator joined the company, he can only view the Grids that he has been given access to: 

      When he opens the Grid, he can only see the Translator view and his assigned language pair. In addition, he can only edit his assigned target language, assuring that the source language strings won't be changed accidentally.

      Now you know how to invite the members to join Gridly. To be able to set the appropriate roles and permissions for your users, please follow this article: Company Roles, Project Roles and Company Group

      Or you might be interested in setting up Single Sign On: Configuring SSO in Gridly.

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