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      Thy Nguyen

      Updated on April 10th, 2023

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      What is a Company group? 

      Company Group is a group of members who have accesses to the specified projects/databases and shared views. Each member of a company can belong to one or many company groups. 

      There are 2 default company groups in Gridly: 

      • Full access: have the full accesses to every Grids and their shared views.
      • Translator: have accesses to views that shared by the Owner or Admin.

      You can add new groups, edit accesses and add member to a existing group to manage permissions and access to your Projects, Databases, Grids, and Views. 

      How to edit group? 

      In Project page

      • Click mceclip2.png and select Company settings.
      • Select Groups in the left pane.


      In Grid

      • Click mceclip0.png on the sidebar
      • Click the small arrow under the Group and select Edit Group.



      Edit accesses, add & remove member

      Edit accesses

      • Select the group you want to edit accesses.
      • Click Edit accesses.
      • Change Group name if needed.
      • Select the Projects/ Databases and Views that the group can access.
      • Click Save.


      Add member to the group

      Note: You must invite the members to the company before adding them to the group. 

      • Click Add member.
      • Choose one of the members from the dropdown list. You can also search the members.
      • Click Add.




      Remove a member from the group

      Click mceclip0.png to the right-hand side of the member.

      Click Remove from group.


      Add and delete group

      Add Group

      • Click Add Group. 
      • Give your new group a name


      Delete Group




      Click mceclip0.png next to the Group you want to delete, select Delete.

      • Confirm your choice


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