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      Permission Overview

      Thy Nguyen

      Updated on June 8th, 2023

      Table of Contents

      A member in your company has two roles: Company Role and Project Role. This article outlines the different actions that can be taken by members depends on the Company Role and Project Role.

      Click here to learn more about Company Roles, Project Roles and Company Group.

      Company role permissions

        Owner Admin User
      Add/change payment information
      Upgrade/downgrade subscription plan
      View billing history and billing details
      Company information
      Update name, logo, description
      Company security
      Enforce and stop  Two-factor authentication (2FA)
      Set Single Sign-on
      Company statistics
      View company statistics
      Add or delete groups
      Add or remove members from a group 
      Grant Group access to Project, Database, Grid/Branch and View
      Company roles
      View default roles' permissions
      Create/update or delete Custom roles
      Accept/remove invitations
      Activate/deactivate members
      Delete a member
      Update a member's Company roles
      Update a member's Project roles
      API keys      
      Add/remove API keys
      Company integrations
      Install/uninstall, and manage integrations for the company
      Create, update and delete Projects
      Have all the privileges of a Creator under a Project
      Create, update and delete Templates
      Translation memory
      Import/export strings into a TM
      Create, update, cleaning a TM
      Assign a TM to Projects
      Synchronize TM
      Set default LQA Model 
      Define custom LQA model
      Manage AutoQA settings
      Run AutoQA in Grids (with a Project role of Creator)
      Create, update and delete a Glossary
      Add, edit, and remove terms in a Glossary
      Custom Tags
      Add, edit or remove custom Tag list 
      Add, edit or delete tags in custom Tag list
      Add/remove languages in locales setup


      Project role permissions

      • Creator: can fully manage databases, grids, and views
      • Editor: can edit columns and records in shared views
      • Translator: can work in the assigned languages in the shared views
      • Viewer: cannot edit in shared views
      • Localization Manager: can edit records and localization features. 

      If you need help to change a member's Project Role and Company Role, click here.


        Creator Editor Localization Manager Translator Viewer
      Remove groups from projects
      Update project roles of other members (except other creators)
      Create, update & delete databases
      Backup & restore databases
      Create, update & delete grids
      Create, update, delete Automation rules   
      (Editor, Translator & Viewer can view Trigger rules only)
      Import/Export data on grid
      Create, update, delete and merge branches
      Access views
      Create, update & delete access views
      Update Column permission, Filter, Sort
      Share/unshare access views
      Edit aggregation
      Create, update and delete columns
      Reorder columns
      Create, update and delete Paths
      Resize column width

      Create and delete records
      Set up Conditional Formatting
      Reorder records
      Edit value in records
      Format cell colors
      Edit translation
      *All languages
      *All languages
      *All languages
      *Assigned languages only
      Edit assigned target language records
      Format cell colors
      Import/export Localization
      Record history
      View record history
      Replace this data to current cell
      Grid history
      View grid history
      Restore in grid history
      Create, update & delete dependencies
      View API Quick start
      Comment on cells
      Create, update and delete Paths
      View Path Directory


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