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      Frequently asked questions about Gridly and beyond

      Thy Nguyen

      Updated on October 24th, 2023

      Table of Contents

      General information

      What is Gridly?

      Gridly is a collaborative spreadsheet for multi-language games projects. It allows development, localization and management teams to work together in real-time.


      Can we integrate Gridly into the game development pipeline?

      Yes. You can connect Gridly to the game using an easy to use API. For example, you can add game assets (audio, strings, etc.) to Gridly, so when you need to change anything (newly translated text for example), you don’t need to bother the dev team - all data will be sent directly to the game if desired. As a result, developers, designers, loc managers and more can all contribute to the dev pipeline.


      Can you provide links for the most popular information requests?

      Of course, here you go:

      • Configuring SSO in Gridly 
      • Gridly Github Repo (Lots of content including Unity and Unreal plugins and Google sheet integration)
      • API Docs 
      • Unity integration video
      • Unreal Engine integration video
      • Rovio/Gridly LQA case study (Demonstrating the way they push strings and screenshots, and then updated screenshots into Gridly for LQA review).

      What does “total records” mean?

      It's the total number of rows in one Grid. If you have 10k rows and delete them all and then upload another 10k rows, this will count as 10k rows.


      Features and working with grids

      Can I upload batches of files to the grid?

      Yes indeed, you can upload batches of files or even whole folders. You need to create a column with the "Files" Data type. Once created, you click on the arrow on the header and select "Upload folder". The next step is to choose the folder, map the column to match with and then click upload. The uploaded files should appear in the new column and be associated with the correct record.

      View this article for detailed tutorials: Manage Digital Assets 


      Can I upload several tabs from an Excel file?

      You can upload each tab one at a time.


      Can users change their views?

      We have 2 main access views: Admin (default view) and personal (access view). You can control views so that only the data you wish to share is available to certain members.


      If I have 10 languages, can I create 10 views and provide a separate view to each translator?



      Will the translators be notified if the source content changes?

      Source text with target language dependencies will feature a yellow highlight to denote which source text cells have changed. These can be filtered so that only those records appear in a view. Regarding notifications, you can do this through the Ticket system where you can tag other Gridly users. Alternatively set up a Trigger to notify via Slack or another collaboration tool of your choice.


      Do you have a word count feature?

      Yes. You can use the accumulator function at the bottom of each column or refer to the Translation overview function (far right of UI). This is based on the view you have selected at that time.


      How about TM and Glossaries (terminology) support?

      We support both Translation Memory (TM) Setup functionality and Glossary. You can check the help articles for more information.


      Our game assets and info are confidential. Where will the data be stored?

      Gridly is a cloud-based solution and we don’t offer private servers at the point. However, we protect your data in a number of ways. Normally, our staff will access your data if you need IT support. All our staff are under confidentiality agreements so we won’t reveal your data to anyone else. Find out more in our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


      Is there any support or plans for AB-Testing?

      We don’t have A/B testing built-in. However, with branching features, you can leverage this for your own A/B testing flow.


      Do you have any native MT engine in the tool?

      No, this would be managed through MemoQ/Memsource (or other). Or you can actually hook up a Grid (with some scripting involvement) to push and pull text from a MT service.


      Pricing and payments

      How much does Gridly cost?

      When you initially sign up you will have a Pro tier trial period of 14 days. After this period your setup will revert to the Free plan. You can continue on the Free plan or upgrade as desired. As your project scales up you can choose to upgrade to Pro or Enterprise. So Gridly can grow if your project needs more functionality or additional users.

      See the full price list here: Pricing page


      Is VAT included in the plan?

      No, VAT is not included. 


      What is included in calls for text to speech?

      With regards to billing and specifically text to speech, you pay for every character, which includes any tags and spaces.



      We currently use memoQ. Will we need to switch to Gridly instead?

      No, you can still use other applications if you wish. Your call. Gridly is designed to not only manage localization but the process itself and associated data. Imagine Gridly as a central hub that connects all your tools and systems. It then serves as a bridge between the loc team, developers, marketing team and any other stakeholders.


      Do you integrate with Phrase TMS and memoQ?

      Yes indeed, we have Phrase TMS (formerly Memsource) and memoQ Add-ons which are available now. Check the Add-ons menu found at the top right of the UI. 

      Discover more information about Phrase TMS and memoQ add-ons:


      Can you integrate with Unity or Unreal?

      Yes indeed, you can use the API functionality to integrate with Unity, Unreal or other engines. Check out our Add-ons.


      Do you have an Unreal Engine Add-on?

      Yes indeed, This Plugin will connect Gridly and your Unreal project. Enabling the push and pull of source language and target language texts.


      Do you have a Unity Engine Add-on?

      Sure thing, this Plugin will connect Gridly and your Unity project where you then will be able to push and pull source language and target language texts between Gridly and Unity.



      Are there any API limits/quotas? I see the storage limits in the pricing schemes but no mention of bandwidth.

      The API Limit is 20 requests / sec.


      How are API limits calculated?

      GET methods do not contribute to the limit, however PATCH/POST/DELETE do.


      Is the OpenAPI document accessible publicly?


      Do we have to poll for changes or is there functionality for postbacks when there are changes?

      You can set up an automation that can inform about record updates / column updates automatically. Then post these to something like Slack or similar. 


      What security measures are in place?

      All communication with Gridly is encrypted using SSL.   
      All of the backend works internally only, secured by internal AWS networks.   
      Connection between API & databases are internal. We do not expose them to the internet.   
      Isolation between production & other environments in different AWS accounts.   
      All environment variables are protected by AWS SSM & KMS services, to make sure only the API can access during booting up.   
      We do not store any specific user’s data on our monitoring/logging system, we only store the user IP for identifying regions for enhancement support.   
      We also feature Two-factor Authentication and Single Sign On (SSO).


      I'd like to know if Gridly supports SAML SSO and more specifically Azure ADFS.

      Yes indeed and you can find more info on this on our help pages: SSO/SAML Authentication with Azure AD 

      Please note that this is only available to Enterprise tier clients. 


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