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      Managing tasks and comments with Tickets

      Thy Nguyen

      Updated on July 19th, 2023

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      You can create tickets to manage tasks in Gridly, and sync tickets to other systems like Jira and Asana.
      To use tickets in reporting LQA (Linguistic Quality Assurance) issues, please follow this article: Linguistic Quality Assurance (LQA)

      Comments are now part of Tickets

      We're pleased to announce that Comments are now part of Tickets. All existing comments will be converted into basic tickets. With this new change, you will be able to simply start a discussion plus:

      • Tag and assign team members.
      • Receive notifications when you're assigned to a ticket.
      • Each ticket has an ID so you can easily keep track.
      • Export Tickets to CSV file format.

      Create a Ticket

      • Right-click on a cell and choose Add ticket. 
      • Select ticket type: Basic or LQA issue (ticket type customized for running LQA projects)
      • Type a summary for the issue.
      • (Optional) Adding Assignee, set Priority and leave a Description.
      • When you're finished, click Add.
      • Click View ticket in the pop-up window to view the details. 

      Start a discussion in the ticket

      Open a ticket (click on a cell, or open the Ticket center and click on a Ticket) and leave a comment to start a discussion. You can also tag a person in the comment in the Ticket.

      Manage ticket 

      Search and filter tickets

      You can find tickets by ID, summary, or Description in the Ticket center

      Click mceclip0.png to filter by Author, Assignee, and Ticket type and sort tickets by time.

      Mark a ticket as resolved

      Click the checkbox next to the Ticket summary in the Ticket center to Mark resolved

      Or you can view the ticket in the expanded window and click "Mark resolved".

      Export ticket

      Once in Ticket center in the sidebar, click mceclip4.png  and select Export ticket. Your tickets will be exported in CSV file format.

      You can sync all the tickets from Gridly to your own project management tools like Jiraand Asana using Automations. Learn more at:

      Automation action: Jira Ticket Creation 

      Automation action: Asana Task Creation 

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