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      Audit log

      Thy Nguyen

      Updated on July 12th, 2023

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      This feature is only available on the Enterprise plan. If you are interested in finding out more about Enterprise pricing, please contact us here.


      You can use the Audit log to view detailed modification information in your company setup. Having an audit log will help you with security because it provides records of all activities. For example, you can see who updated a Grid, invited a new member, or created a new view. 


      In Gridly, you are able to filter out the activities you need in a time range, and even export it in CSV format.

      Open Audit log

      • Open Company settings from the project page 
      • Open Audit log tab
      • Review all modifications.

      Filter events 

      There are several conditions that can help you filter out to the events you want to review.

      • Start Date > End Date: select the date range to display events. 
      • Author: select member(s) to display their related events. By default, events for all users are displayed. 
      • Category: choose the category to display those related events. 



      If you want to remove the time range and select All again, click Reset filters.


      Search events

      To search Category, Event or Affected object, enter the terms into the search bar. To search forthe most accurate results, you should write the terms in the correct case.

      Export audit log

      You can export your Audit log to a CSV file. To achieve that, click Export.


      The exported file will only include the events you selected by applying the filters. To export all events, click Reset filters and then Export.


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