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      Thy Nguyen

      Updated on April 10th, 2023

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      What are Paths? 

      Paths are used to organize your content within a tree structure, so that you can sort and find records quickly. 

      View Path column 

      The Path column is a system column type (system columns are predefined in Gridly). You can only add path information to records in this column.

      The Path column is hidden by default. To display it:

      1. On the View toolbar, click  to open Manage Columns. 
      2. Click on the toggle next to Path to view and edit data.

      Open Path directory

      All paths are displayed in the Path directory, which is similar to a navigation pane, where you can view all the paths in a Grid. To open the Path directory: 

      1. Open a Grid.
      2. On the View toolbar, click to open the Path directory.
      3. To hide it, click again.

      Manage paths

      Add new path

      1. Click Add new path in the top right corner of the Path directory. To add a subfolder to an available path, click next to that path.
      2. Enter a name for your path.
      3. (Optional) Select the color for your new path. 

      Organize paths

      You can organize your paths by dragging and dropping:

      1. Select a path. To select multiple folders, hold down the Ctrl key ( or ⌘ on Mac) and click any other path(s) you would like to add. 
      2. Drag and drop it into the path of your choice. 

      Edit, and delete paths

      1. Hover your mouse pointer on a path.
      2. Click to edit. 
      3. You can rename or change the color of the path.
      4. To delete a folder, click Delete.

      Add path to records  

      Add path to available records

      There are two ways to add (or change) paths for available records:

      Add a path to a record in the Path column

      1. Click on a cell in the Path column.
      2. Select a path for your record.  
      3. Click Apply.

      Add a path to record(s) in the Path directory

      1. Select record(s) in your Grid.
      2. Drag and drop them into a path in the Path directory.

      Add path to newly created records

      You can also create a record with a default path: 

      1. In the Path directory, hover your mouse pointer over a path.
      2. Click next to the path.

      A new record with the selected path will be added to the bottom of the Grid.

      Filter records with Paths

      There are two ways to filter records with a path value:

      • Click on the path in the Path directory 
      • Using Quick filters in the Path column.

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