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      Phrase TMS (formerly Memsource) Add-on

      Thy Nguyen

      Updated on June 2nd, 2023

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      This is available for Professional and Enterprise plans, with the paid Add-on: Phrase TMS.


      Phrase TMS (formerly Memsource) is a translation management software that combines traditional translation technology with patented AI technology to speed up the translation process and reduce costs. 

      Phrase TMS Add-on for Gridly enables the exchange of content back and forth between Gridly and Phrase TMS without a need to manually export and import files with translations. 

      This video was taken before Memsource became Phrase TMS. Tutorials remain the same.


      Install Phrase TMS Add-on in Gridly

      In Gridly, navigate to Integration in the top right corner, select Phrase TMS Add-on, and click Install.


      Connect Gridly with Phrase TMS

      1. Once installed, follow the instructions in the add-on settings: 
      • Copy the Redirect URI from the add-on settings.
      • Create a new Registered OAuth app in Phrase TMS and fill in details.
      • Copy Client ID from Phrase TMS and paste it into the add-ons’ settings.
      • Click Connect and authorize access for your company to your Phrase TMS account. 


      Once the add-on is installed, open a Grid, and a small Phrase TMS icon is displayed in the right-side panel. Click on the icon to open the add-on. If everything is set up correctly, the button “Push to Phrase TMS” is displayed. 



      If the button is not displayed, check that the active View contains a source language, a target language, and Dependencies are set between them. 


      Push content from Grid to Phrase TMS

      The Add-on pushes content from the active View of your Grid to Phrase TMS where jobs for selected language pairs are created.


      Use View filters to filter content that is pushed to Phrase TMS from the View (for example, to push to Phrase TMS only untranslated records). The add-on transmits only content displayed in localization columns within the current View, together with additional columns containing information corresponding to attributes used by Phrase TMS (Context key, Context note, Maximum length).


      Choose a project in Phrase TMS 

      Select the Phrase TMS project that you want to push content from Grid to: 

      • An existing project: select a project from the dropdown list.image8.png
      • New project: select a Phrase project templates from the dropdown list and rename the projectimage5.png

      Selecting language pairs to push to Phrase TMS

      In the dialog, select the source language(s), target languages, and additional columns of your View to be pushed to Phrase TMS. Select the desired languages, and click Push.


      Important: To be able to select the desired language pairs, they need to be part of the active View as columns of localization data type and Dependencies need to be set between the columns. 

      Push content from Phrase TMS to Gridly

      When any of the jobs are marked as completed in Phrase TMS, content will be pushed back from Phrase TMS to Gridly. The content is automatically updated in your Grid and corresponding Views (a browser refresh might be needed to show the updated content).


      How Dependencies are updated by the add-on

      If the out-dated or unset records are updated with new translations from Phrase TMS, their dependency status is automatically changed to up-to-date. 

      The status of records that are out-of-date and weren’t changed by translators in Phrase TMS stay the same even after content is pushed back from Phrase TMS to Gridly. 

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