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      API Key Management

      Thy Nguyen

      Updated on April 10th, 2023

      The API Key page is the easiest way to manage API keys in Gridly. In this page, you can create, name, customize permissions, and manage API keys with other support features.

      Create API Key

      Navigate to the company settings that are accessible from the left pane in the Dashboard, then select API Keys to access the API Keys management.



      To begin access Gridly via API, you have to create a new API key and customize it according to your needs: 

      1. In the Company settings → API keys → At the right side, click on + Create API Key.


      2. You will be redirected to Create API Key page. Then, Enter a API key name.


      3. Select an option of API Key permission that is right for you.


      • The Full Access option will grant full access and permission to the Company data. An user can use this API key to manage all Company data via API.
      • The Restricted Access option allows customize permissions of an API Key. After selecting the Restricted Access, a Privileges settings will be shown that allows customize privileges of an API key.

      Choose Manage options that are right for you and choose the Group access to restrict API key permissions.


      4. Click on the Save button.

      Congratulations, you will see a new API key on API Keys page. 

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