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      Restore deleted records

      Thy Nguyen

      Updated on December 21st, 2023

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      As well as backing up and restoring Grids or databases, there is a further security layer for your records. You can also restore any records deleted by a user or tool in a Grid using the Recycle bin.  


      Admin, Owner, or Custom Roles that can manage projects, User with the project role set to Creator are able to use the recycle bin. 


      View deleted records

      When you delete records, you will be notified that the records have been moved to the recycle bin. 

      Open the Recycle bin by clicking in the right sidebar

      Restore deleted records

      Click on a record to select, then click Restore

      In the Grid, as a default setting, each record must have a unique record ID. If a deleted record has the same record ID as an existing one, you'll need to take one of the following actions: 

      • Add as a new record with an auto-generated records ID: The record will be restored with a different record ID.
      • Replace the records in Grid: The record will be restored and the existing record in the Grid will be deleted

      Click Continue to confirm, or click Skip if you don't want to restore this record. 

      Empty recycle bin

      Open the recycle bin, click Empty recycle bin to  permanently remove all the records in the recycle bin. 

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