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      Automations overview

      Thy Nguyen

      Updated on May 8th, 2024

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      Automation embraces AI technologies to improve content and localization workflows by performing automated actions, all within the well-known spreadsheet interface and without any help from developers needed. 

      Automations allow you to set up custom trigger-action workflows right inside your Grid. This can allow you to save hours of your team’s time and reduce unnecessary communication. Learn how to build automations to tackle the repetitive tasks that slow down your productivity. 

      Automations can be found on the sidebar in a Grid:

      For an automation to run, you need to have at least a trigger and an action. When you turn your automations on, it will run the action steps every time the trigger event occurs.



      Only Admin and Owner, or Custom Roles which have the ability to manage projects are able to set up automations. Learn more about Company Roles, Project Roles and Company Group



      An action is a step that performs a task, one example being sending a Slack message. When the trigger fires, the automation is said to be executed. 

      Available actions include:

      1. Automation action: Send web request  
      2. Automation action: Send a Slack message 
      3. Automation action: Lambda function  
      4. Automation action: Google Text Translate 
      5. Automation action: Amazon Text Translate 
      6. Automation action: Amazon Text To Speech (Standard/Neural) 
      7. Automation action: Google OCR 
      8. Automation action: Amazon Sentiment Analysis
      9. Automation action: AI Chat Generation 
      10. Automation action: AI Text Generation 
      11. Automation action: AI Image Generation 
      12. Automation Action: Formula Editor 
      13. Automation action: Send a Discord message 
      14. Automation action: Asana Task Creation 
      15. Automation Action: Set value 
      16. Automation action: Send a Discord message 
      17. IF conditions

      To create and run successful automations, please view this article: Creating an Automation.


      Triggers are set up to start automated workflows whenever you add or update something in Gridly. Available triggers include: 


      1. Record created
      2. Record updated
      3. Record deleted


      1. Column created
      2. Column updated
      3. Column deleted


      1. Ticket created
      2. Ticket updated
      3. Ticket deleted
      4. Ticket status changed
      5. Comment added


      1. Manual Record Trigger

      How to install Automation actions

      Some automation actions can cost extra fees to your current plan, so you are required to install before using. 

      1. Click image3.pngon the header to open Integrations, then open the Automation actions tab. 
      2. Select the actions you want to purchase, click Install, then Confirm.

      To uninstall, click image2.png and select Uninstall Add-on, then click Confirm

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