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      Gridly connector - Google Sheets

      Thy Nguyen

      Updated on April 10th, 2023

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      With Gridly connectors, you can connect your Google spreadsheet with Gridly and sync data easily.


      If you are using Gridly connectors for the first time, click here to learn more: Gridly connector overview 

      Open Gridly connectors

      There are 2 ways to access Gridly connectors: 

      Open Integration settings

      1. On the project page, click image7.png next to the company name. 
      2. Select Integration settings from the dropdown. 
      3. The Gridly connectors page will be displayed by default.


      Open Integration popup 

      You can also open Gridly connectors anywhere in Gridly.

      1. Click image3.png in the header to open Integration popup 
      2. Select Gridly connectors from the side panel.



      Create a new source in Gridly 

      1. In Gridly connectors, switch to Sources tab.
      2. In the top right corner, click + New source
      3. On the Set up the source page, enter a name for your source.
      4. From the Source type dropdown, select the source you want to set up.Add_new_source.gif
      5. Copy the provided service account information. 
      6. Share your Google sheets with the provided service account.Share_google_sheets.gif
      7. Enter the ID of your spreadsheet in the SheetID field. You can find the spreadsheet ID in a Google Sheets URL:
      1. Click Save & check connection. Input_Sheet_ID.gif

      Set up a connection 

      1. On the Gridly Connectors, open Connections tab.
      2. Click + New connection

      Set up source

      1. Select the Google Sheet source from the Source type dropdown.
      2. Select a worksheet to be connected with Gridly and click Next. Set_up_source.gif

      Set up a destination Grid

      1. Select the Grid from a Database in a Project that you want to transfer your data from the source to. 
      2. Click Next. Set_up_destination__1_.gif

      Set up connection

      1. Map columns of the spreadsheet with columns of your selected Grid. 
      2. Click Finish. image10.png

      Sync data

      1. Open Gridly connectors, then open Connections tab.
      2. Click on in a connection to sync data. sync_data_.png


      Whenever the source is updated, you have to sync data in order to update the destination Grid. 


      Learn how to edit, rename, delete sources or connections in Gridly connectors

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