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      Gridly connector overview

      Thy Nguyen

      Updated on August 11th, 2023

      Table of Contents

      What is Gridly connector? 

      Gridly connector allows you to connect Gridly with other data sources, such as Google Sheets. This helps transfer data from your different sources to Gridly in seconds.


      Admin and Owner, or Custom Roles which have the ability to manage company integrations, are able to set up Gridly connector. 


      Learn more about Company Roles, Project Roles and Company Group .

      Core concepts


      A source is an API, file, database, or data warehouse that you want to take data from.


      A destination is a Grid in Gridly where you want to input your data.


      A connection is an automated data pipeline that replicates data from a source to a destination.

      There are 4 main steps to create a connection: 

      1. Set up source
      2. Set up destination
      3. Set up connection
      4. Sync connection

      How to set up a connection 

      Setting up a connection with different sources requires different procedures. Here is the list of available sources (updated as of 2022/05/11)

      Gridly connector - Google Sheet

      Gridly connector - MySQL

      Gridly Connector - PostgreSQL



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