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      Auto QA by lexiqa

      Thy Nguyen

      Updated on August 11th, 2023

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      Gridly Auto QA by lexiqa is powered by LexiQA, which helps to detect localization errors. With Auto QA by lexiqa, you can reduce the time spent on the LQA process, and reduce labor costs for manual QA checks.


      This is available for Professional and Enterprise plans, with the paid Add-on: Auto QA by lexiqa.

      You need to set up a localization Grid with full dependencies for all language pairs. And please note that Auto QA by lexiqa will only work with the languages listed in this link.


      Install Auto QA by lexiqa Add-on in Gridly

      1. In Gridly, navigate to Integration in the top right corner, select Auto QA by lexiqa Add-on, and click Install.



      Run Auto QA by lexiqa

      1. Once the Add-on is installed, open a Grid, a small Auto QA by lexiqa icon is displayed on the right-side panel. 
      2. Select Auto QA by lexiqa settings (optional). If you need to set up advanced settings for your Auto QA by lexiqa, instructions can be found in the next steps. You can choose to ignore this step.
      3. Select source language and the following target languages.
      4. Click Run Auto QA by lexiqa. Note that it may take some time depending on the amount of data that is being processed.


      Showing errors

      There are different types of errors highlighted in different colors. When the Auto QA by lexiqa is run successfully, the errors will be highlighted in the Grid. You can turn on/off the display of error types, this interface is found at the bottom right corner of the Grid. 


      Hover over the highlighted parts to check the details of the error. Click Ignore this error if you do not want this to be highlighted anymore.


      With some special warnings like spell checking (module “d1g”), you will receive tooltip replace suggestions. 


      Check statistics 

      Open the Auto QA by lexiqa on the side panel, switch to the Statistics tab.


      In the Statistics tab, you can check the language pair, last updated, and total errors in each language pair. Please note that the statistics will be shown for each language pair, so you can run Auto QA by lexiqa in each language pair or run it all at once.

      Re-run Auto QA by lexiqa

      If you have added new records after you run Auto QA by lexiqa, you need to run Auto QA by lexiqa again to apply the check to new records. Open Auto QA by lexiqa from the side panel in the Grid, and click the button Run Auto QA by lexiqa. 


      The re-run does not apply on existing records if you do not make any changes in the source data. Gridly will only count the newly added (and amended) records and charge fees against those. 


      Auto QA by lexiqa settings

      If you need to use advanced functions such as connecting a Glossary with Auto QA by lexiqa, checking length, and enabling/disabling the Spell Checking mechanism, you can configure it in Auto QA by lexiqa settings. 

      Create Auto QA settings

      1. From the project page, click on the settings icon, select Localization settings
      2. Open Auto QA by lexiqa tab, click Create New Setting.
      3. Fill in all the fields:
        • Setting name.
        • Glossary files: the Glossary files you’ve created in Gridly. You can select multiple Glossaries.
        • Spellchecking: toggle on/off to enable/disable.
        • Length check: enter your character limit by percentage or number of characters.image7.png
      4. Click Save.
      5. Assign this setting to a project so you can apply the Auto QA settings to that project. image1.png

      Apply Auto QA by lexiqa settings

      1. Open a translation Grid in the project where you have assigned the Auto QA by lexiqa settings. 
      2. Open Auto QA by lexiqa, select the new Auto QA by lexiqa settings in the Settings field.image10.png
      3. Complete all the steps below and click Run Auto QA by lexiQA


      How does Auto QA by lexiqa work with views?

      If you create a view after running Auto QA by lexiqa, this will still be displayed in the new view, Auto QA by lexiqa version will affect all views. This means you just need to run Auto QA by lexiqa once. 


      How does Auto QA by lexiqa work with branches?

      If you already ran Auto QA by lexiqa before creating a new branch, you will need to run Auto QA by lexiqa again in the new branch if you want results in that branch.




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