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      Duplicate records

      Thy Nguyen

      Updated on February 1st, 2024

      To duplicate records, you can simply select a cell or multiple cells you want to duplicate, then right-click and select Duplicate records. 


      Will the Record ID be duplicated as well?

      No, record IDs in a Grid are unique; the newly created records will have auto-generated record IDs.


      Who can duplicate records? 

      Users with Project roles such as Creator and Editor are able to duplicate records.


      Is duplicating records applicable to a View only?

      No, it is applied at the Grid level; data in all columns will be duplicated regardless of whether you can see that view or not.


      When using view or quick filters, where will the duplicated records be placed?

      All new records will be positioned directly beneath the selected records. When you clear a filter, the new records will be placed below the lowest selected record.


      Can I undo record duplications? 

      Yes, all the duplicated records will disappear.


      Who will be the author of the newly duplicated records? 

      When a user duplicates records, they will be set as the author of that change.


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