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      Quick filters

      Thy Nguyen

      Updated on April 10th, 2023

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      There are two options for how data can be filtered in Grids:

      • View filters that are saved to a View and applied every time the View is displayed. View filters can contain multiple conditions, including regular expressions. Click here to learn more about View filters.
      • Quick filters that represent a fast and easy way for quick filtering. Column filters can be combined together and can not be saved in a View or Grid. 

      What are Quick filters? 

      Quick filters are a fast and easy way to filter data in a Grid without a need to preserve them in the future. They can’t be saved in a View of a Grid, once the View is left, they’re cleared. 

      Using Quick filters

      On the header of a column, you can select one or many options to filter content quickly. The filtering conditions depend on the data type of the column. Some of them are: 

      • Type to filter mceclip1.png: typing your search query to filter the column.
      • Column filter mceclip3.pngfilter content by statuses (is empty/is filled), colors or dependency options, etc. 
      • Sort mceclip4.png Sort data in alphabetical or numerical order.  


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